QA Alumni is the sister association to the QA Programme, the mentor association at the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Humanities.

QA Alumni connects previous mentors and mentees of the QA Programme in an international network, and aims to support the QA Programme and its board in their daily work through sparring, knowledge sharing and utilisation of the QA network’s professionals. The QA Alumni is a non-profit volunteer association that is obligated to work according to our charter.

QA Alumni network

Everyone who has been a mentor, mentee or board member in the QA Programme is by default a member of the QA Alumni network and will be included in QA Alumni’s communication and invited to the QA Reunion. Members can choose to become patrons and support QA Alumni financially with a contribution of 25 DKK per semester.

Structure of QA Alumni

QA Alumni is run by an annually elected board. The key tasks of the board is to manage the Alumni network, support and assist the QA Programme board and organise an annual QA Reunion in Copenhagen. Furthermore the board is responsible for maintaining databases and websites, collecting membership fees and managing the finances of QA Alumni. When resources allow it, the QA Alumni board will work towards creating additional events for the Alumni network.

Board work and organisation

To live up to the aspiration of inclusion across cultural and national borders, the election for the alumni board takes place through online voting, and likewise changes to the Alumni charters need to be agreed upon via online voting. Candidates for the board are encouraged to run regardless of location of residence as board meetings can be held virtually when necessary. However, board members are required to have frequent access to the internet. To be on the board one must be a paying member.

The GA takes place in the beginning of the year and subsequently the board will need to constitute itself within four weeks.

To sustain a strong relation to the QA Programme,  twice a year the Alumni board will, when a new QA Programme board has been elected, invite its members for a social network and meeting event.


QA Alumni is primarily funded by membership fees and partly by the QA Programme. Funds are used to cover maintenance expenses, meetings and, if possible, will be provide subsidies for events.