QA Alumni Board

The board of QA Alumni consists of former members of the QA Programme.

Current board: Sanne Bergh President, Rhina Lindhøj Vice President, Elisabeth Paul Treasurer, Azadeh Hejazi and Kasper Schiødt.

The board is in charge of structuring the alumni and creating a backbone for the association.

Do you want to join the board?

Being a part of the board will not only give you a lot of experience in teamwork and assuming roles of responsibility, but it also gives you a insight into organisational strategies and the work of a volunteer association. The board encourages creativity and a fun work environment. It is an opportunity for you to take part in and influence the international network created by the QA Programme and carried on by the QA Alumni. The next General Assembly is to be held in January 2017.

FAQ on being in the board

• You will sit in the board for one year
• The board meets approximately every second month
• You can run for President, Vice President, Treasurer or regular Board Member
• You don’t need to be in Copenhagen to be in the board, we also host meetings online