DSC_0400QA Alumni wish to keep the QA spirit alive and preserve the bonds created between people during the QA Programme. In the future, we hope to have a large network of internationals and Danes around the world joining in a professional network.

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For the small donation of 3,5 EUR (every six month) you can:

  • participate in an awesome annual QA Reunion (participant fee)
  • maintain the international network and friends you have acquired through the QA Programme
  • vote at the general assembly of QA Alumni
  • be elected as board member
  • be first on a list of members when signing up for additional events

Membership in QA Alumni network is free but we hope many of you will assist us financially to help us build a strong and professional QA Alumni network. More importantly, we hope you will stay in the network and take part in the annual QA Reunion.

You can choose to subscribe and become an elite member of QA Alumni. The fee is 3,5 EUR (25dkk) every 6th month.

Please write your full name and the email you’ve used for registering with QA Alumni (e.g. John Doe) (Use international-standardized lettering); we are experiencing some problems with paypal, if your payment does not succeed please write to us at

Full name (e.g. John Doe)

QA Alumni is a volunteer association; all donations go to the maintenance of the QA Alumni network.