QA Alumni Patrons

Please consider becoming a Patron of the QA Alumni. You can choose between making a small donation of just 25 DKK/ 3.5 EUR every 6 months (that’s less than a coffee in CPH!), or pay 300dkk once and be a Patron for life.  So please, share the love and become a Patron!

As a Patron you can:

  • participate in an awesome annual QA Reunion (participant fee)
  • maintain the international network and friends you have acquired through the QA Programme
  • vote at the general assembly of QA Alumni
  • be elected as board member
  • be first on a list of members when signing up for additional events
  • You can choose to subscribe and become a Patron of QA Alumni. You can cancel you contribution at any time.

    Please write your full name and the e-mail you’ve used for registering with QA Alumni (Use international-standardized lettering); if you experience any problems please write

    Subscribe and pay every 6 moths:

    Full name

    Life time patronship:

    Full name

    As a Patron you will receive QA Alumni newsletters, event information and the like.

    QA Alumni is a volunteer association; all donations go to the maintenance of the QA Alumni network.